10 Questions With Portland's Sushi Chef Alexander Herzog  Owner Of Great Wave Sushi

10 Questions With Portland’s Sushi Chef Alexander Herzog Owner Of Great Wave Sushi

We wanted to take a closer look at the lives of Maine Chefs, Bakers, Brewers, Bartenders, and anyone else who works in the Food & Beverage industry. These hard workers are waking up early and going to bed late to keep us full of the best food Maine has to offer! This week we talked with a chef that actually saw some positive come out of the Covid19 pandemic.

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Alexander Herzog

Today we asked The Great Wave’s Sushi Chef Alexander Herzog 10 questions we think will give a quick view into the life of a Portland Business Owner.

The Q & A

Q: Where Do You Work?
A: Owner at Great Wave Sushi Cart

Q: Where Did You Learn Your Profession?
A: CSA in Los Angeles, Restaurants all across America ( Maine, Michigan, California)

Q: What’s Your Favorite Thing To Cook?
A: Sushi, The reason being since it’s not just about making your food taste great but also making a beautiful food presentation while doing so. 

Q: Is There Anything You Dislike Making?
A: Cutting Calamari, way too many battle wounds!

Q: Where’s Your Favorite Maine Restaurant?
A: Personally I Love Yosaku, Japanese classic food. 

Q: Do You Have A Favorite Maine Brewery? 
A: Austin Street Brewery – Wide selection of all beers. Their flavors and experimental beers are unique and I enjoy them differently. 

Q: Do You Have A Favorite Maine Bakery?
A:  I am lactose and gluten-free so that makes it a bit difficult with a variety of other allergies. (Can You Suggest A Bakery That Has Special Dietary Options?)

Q: How Has COVID-19 Changed Your Work-Life?
A: Improved it more than I could ever imagine. Gave me the go-to start my own business and live my dream!

Q: Any Big Culinary Plans For The Future?
A: Hopefully convert from a food cart to a food truck this year.

Q: Anything You’d Like Our Readers To Know?
A: If you have any desire to step out of your comfort zone with sushi I definitely suggest you try out my food cart Great Wave Sushi

Follow Chef Alexander Herzog on Instagram @greatwavesushi


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