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Bring your business listing to the top and stick out from the rest. Like most popular search engines most users never click on "Page 2" they go with the first few results they see. The best way to be seen by your future customer is with a paid Top Of Search ad. Plus Your Business Listing Will Be Top Of Search On The Chefs Of Maine Phone App!

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Another great way to have your business stick out from the rest is our Top Of Sidebar ad. This ad places your business listing in a unique spot separated from the busyness of the other listings. Not only will your business be advertised on the search page sidebar, but on other pages and news postings too!

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Our most premium advertisement offer is our top of the phone app banner. There can be only one! Offering your business an exclusive space to advertise your business, product, or event. Need ad design help? Let our designers work directly with your team to create the perfect advertisement.

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Need a HUGE reach? Try a push notification ad. These ads are extremely limited and will reach ever single user using The Chefs Of Maine App.

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