Chef Earl Lewis / Autumn Duck Recipe

Chef Earl Lewis / Autumn Duck Recipe

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Looking for a great Autumn Dinner? Look No Further. We reached out to Chef Earl Lew of OPA in Waterville, Maine for a recipe you’re sure to love!

Autumn Duck


  • 1 Duck Breast – Skin Scored
  • Handful Of Brussels Sprouts – Blanched and Halved
  • 1 Chiogga Beet – Roasted, Peeled, and Diced
  • 1 Spaghetti Squash – Roasted, Peeled, and Pulled
  • 1/4 Cup Red Verjus
  • Knob of Butter
  • Fines Herb or Herbes De Provenceoil – For Sauteing

Cooking Instructions

  1. Warm-up your pan over high heat with a little oil and lay the seasoned duck breast skin side down.
  2. Lower heat to medium/med-low and let the skin render and brown.  Depending on your duck this step can take 8-15 minutes.  This step is to render out the sub-q fat that makes duck “greasy” 

    You’ll see the edges brown and the brown will start to creep up the side.  Use your tongs to take a look at the skin.  When it’s nice and brown, turn over and finish in a 400-degree oven (I use convection).
  3. Meanwhile, heat up another pan with oil and lay your brussels meat-side down for a minute or so to allow to sear, then add the beets.  Season with salt, pepper, and herbs.  Toss until heated through. 
  4. Heat up a large pinch of your spaghetti squash and season with salt and herbs. After about 5 minutes in the oven, check your duck breast. 
    I look for mid-rare to medium and touch for doneness.  Depending on your breast, this could take 5-10 minutes.
  5. Remove duck from the pan and pour out the oil.  Put the pan on the stove and deglaze with the verjus over high heat.  Let reduce a bit and mount the butter off the heat.


Lay the sprouts and beets, making a bed the size of the breast. Lay the spaghetti squash on them.  Slice the duck breast on the bias and lay on top of the veggies. Pour the sauce over the duck, but only just enough to dress the duck, not make it soupy.  Garnish with fresh herbs.


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