Join this workshop to explore the delicious and interesting world of fermentation-friendly microbes, and how our digestion and overall health benefits from our symbiotic relationship with microorganisms. SAUERKRAUT is an easy and delicious cabbage ferment that lasts in your fridge and gets better with time. Fermenting the cabbage preserves the vitamin C, and increases flavor and nutritional value by microbial fermentation. In this workshop, not only will you learn how to preserve the bounty of Maine’s wonderful Farmer’s Markets, you’ll also learn about what’s really going on in your gut. You’ll learn how to encourage the right environment for your ferment, how microbes outside interact with our insides, our microbiome and our health. $15 per person. Please register through Portland Adult Ed to receive the zoom link and password and materials list. Registration: https://portland.coursestorm.com/course/ferment-this-sauerkraut1#!