potent, yet delicious drink for the winter months

Fall is in full swing and winter is on the way, and that means that our immune systems are starting to feel the pressure of cold weather. Throughout history, people have recognized the vital role that certain pungent and warming plants have on boosting our immune systems and helping us get rid of any little bug that might want to make our bodies its home. One of the more known versions of these remedies is Fire Cider, a potent, yet delicious drink that will keep our immune systems alert and strong. Learn some interesting facts about Fire Cider, how to make it and how each of the many ingredients can help you stay healthy and strong during the winter months.

Ana grew up in Panama, Central America, where she developed a sense of connection with nature and everything that surrounded her. Despite growing up in the beautiful and dense jungles of Panama, she doesn’t like heat very much and had always dreamed of seasons and white winters, so after spending some time farming and learning about herbs in Florida, her dream finally came true in 2019 and she moved to Southern Maine to continue her adventures. She apprenticed at Frith in 2019 and is extremely happy to return for her 3rd season making fun concoctions and playing with dirt.


Admission is $45, sliding scale is available. Please pay the amount you are able.

As a gesture of reparations for systemic inequities within the field of agriculture, Frith Farm offers free admissions to all events and workshops for BIPOC attendees.

In addition to sliding scale donations, work-trade options are available. The Frith Farm crew works 7am to 4pm Monday-Friday. We suggest 4 hours of work in exchange for the workshop.

Notes on COVID-19 protocols: This event will be held outdoors and limited to 12 participants. All participants must wear masks and observe social distancing for the duration of the workshop.