Hot Suppa - NY  Daily News! Best Fried Chicken!

Hot Suppa – NY Daily News! Best Fried Chicken!

Congratulations To Hot Suppa!

Hot Suppa was chosen as Maines best Fried Chicken restaurant in a new article by NY Daily News – The Best Fried Chicken In Every State. “In order to track down the best restaurant for fried chicken in every state, we started by consulting our own annual ranking of America’s 75 best restaurants for fried chicken, which is compiled every year with the help of an ever-growing panel of experts. Read More…
There’s no shortage of great restaurants in Portland, but for traditional Southern food, it’s Hot Suppa all the way. Founded by two brothers in 2004, the restaurant turns locally-sourced ingredients into addictively good pan-Southern fare ranging from Carolina-style shrimp and grits to Nashville-style hot chicken to New Orleans-style charbroiled oysters (the decidedly non-Southern poutine also makes an appearance, but we’ll allow it). The hot chicken is delicious but “painfully spicy,” according to the menu, so if you’d rather take it easy, opt for the equally tasty buttermilk fried local chicken, moist and coated with a crunchy, craggy crust, served with a buttermilk waffle or your choice of a side. (Lauren T./Yelp)

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