Sandy’s Blue Hill Cafe

Sandy’s Blue Hill Cafe

Homemade Bagels, Doughnuts and Popovers; Breakfast and Lunch; Frozen Prepared Meals; House-Roasted Coffees and Espresso Bar!

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When my husband, Bill, and I moved to the Blue Hill peninsula several years ago, we had a vision of opening a café in our small, coastal town that offered great, house-roasted coffee and espresso, fresh-baked goods, downhome food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and craft beers, wines and cocktails.  We wanted to offer a comfortable setting for local folks who lived and worked in or near Blue Hill as well as people visiting the area for a day, week, month or longer. We completed a total renovation of our historic, downtown building in August, 2018. The building was originally constructed in 1796 (George Washington was president at the time), and we preserved many of the historic features of our building, including the fireplaces, broad-plank floors, stairways and many windows. It is perched above Blue Hill Harbor among the other historic buildings that give Blue Hill its one-of-a-kind charm. Our café is now a place where visitors can relax, meet others, watch the sun rise over the harbor, check their emails, enjoy some terrific food and espresso, or just catch their breath after a hard day at work, hiking or shopping.

Now Offering the Best Live Music in the Area

Since January 2020, we have been offering live music “dinner concerts” on Friday evenings, and other special, live music events on certain Saturdays. Our goal has been to create a true, live music performance venue unlike any other on the peninsula or elsewhere in the area. We have been able to draw from a pool of top area musicians to perform a variety of music from Jazz to R&B, from Soul to Pop – all in a very intimate setting.  The music has added an exciting, new dimension to our cafe, and we are thrilled by the response we’ve been getting. Over the winter, we have had several sold-out performances, which is really saying something when you consider that most people in our area tend to hibernate during the colder months.

It All Started with Coffee

As a lover of great coffee, Bill started roasting a broad variety of coffees at our farm in neighboring Brooksville, Maine in 2016. We installed an additional roaster on the 2nd floor of our Blue Hill building in 2018 so we now have the pleasure of offering coffee that has been freshly roasted on premises.

We’ve experimented with blending and roasting the finest coffees that can be found around the world. Most of the coffee beans that we roast are grown on small farms at high altitudes where the growing season is long and the beans have a long maturation cycle that imparts the best flavors. Most commercially grown coffees sold by mass-market providers are grown at lower elevations where higher production volumes can be achieved. We use top-rated beans, most of which are certified organic and fair trade.

Our Core Coffee Belief: The Best Coffee Is Always Freshly Roasted

In the course of roasting coffee, we’ve learned the importance of roasting date on coffee flavor. Any coffee roaster can buy top-quality beans and learn to blend and roast them in compelling ways. But, what often sets coffee apart is how fresh it is. And, as with freshly-baked bread, there is nothing quite like truly freshly-roasted coffee. Based on what most consumers learn from packaged coffee, many would be surprised to learn that roasted coffee beans start going stale after only a couple weeks of roasting, regardless of the high-tech packaging used. (Many coffee packages show “Best By” dates that are several months into the future.) If you love coffee the way we do, you owe it to yourself to try freshly roasted coffee.

The best-tasting coffee comes from the highest-grade coffee beans, which are custom-blended to create inspiring taste profiles, and are carefully roasted in small batches, ground and brewed within a few weeks of roasting. Our coffees are 100% Arabica beans, and each coffee is custom-roasted to emphasize its unique tasting notes.

We advise our customers to insist on freshly roasted coffee.

Always check the roasting date of your coffee!