Woodman’s Bar & Grill

Woodman’s Bar & Grill

Sushi grade tuna to one of the areas best filets

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The University of Maine brought Mark, Heather, and Abe to Orono, and shortly after graduating the three of them banded together to start Woodman’s. They found an empty office building, brought their accumulated experience together, gathered a great team, and built Woodman’s. May of 2005 marked the beginning, and Woodman’s has thrived as a part of the Orono community since then. Woodman’s chefs offer fantastic entrees with local ingredients, fresh seafood and grass-fed beef. They’re also famous for making the region’s best hamburger! Woodman’s bartenders fresh squeeze lemons and limes for the cocktails, and are known for making Manhattans and Martinis the right way. For the beer lovers out there Woodman’s always has several fresh ales from Orono Brewing Company as well a selection of rotating craft beers from Maine and beyond.