Maine Food Delivery Options In One Place.

Maine Food Delivery Options In One Place.

With the spread of Covid-19 the world and Maine saw a different spread. A spread of online digital food delivery services! Some large scale companies like Uber Eats and some smaller-scale companies like 2DineIn – both large and small delivery services are offering Maine’s small restaurants the opportunity to stay in business during these questionable times.

How Are We Helping?

With the Chefs Of Maine, any of the great Maine Restaurants, Breweries, Bakeries, or Farms have the option to add a “Custom Call To Action Button” this button gives them the power to link to their chosen Delivery Service Page. For Example (Photo Below) Bruno’s Restaurant And Tavern has a link that goes directly to their 2DineIn page allowing any Chefs Of Maine App user to easily & quickly order delivery.

With The Chefs Of Maine, All Delivery Services are brought into one easy to use app and no extra cost to the restaurant or delivery company.

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