Positive Reviews. ONLY!

Positive Reviews. ONLY!

We had a discussion about reviews and how they should be handled on The Chefs Of Maine website & app and what we decided was that we were all for the good vibes!

Show Us What They Got Right

We decided that we want our review section to be a place for positive comments about Maine restaurants, breweries, bakeries, and farms. We want you to share a photo of your favorite dish, compliment a worker who went above and beyond, or mention something great about your experience.

We understand that sometimes bad experiences can happen, but we believe that it’s always best to contact the restaurant in these situations. We know most chefs/owners/waitstaff will go above and beyond to fix and make right something that might have gone poorly. A bad experience that leads to a bad review can deter people from ever trying a new business which in return hurts small Maine business owners.

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