Start Selling On The Chefs Of Maine

The Chefs Of Maine charges a 4% fee only when an item sells. There is no registration fee or recurring listing fee’s. There may also be a standard paypal Credit Card processing fee applied. These fees help us market your products to shoppers. 

  1. Create An Account – Click Here
  2. Register To Add Listings – Click Here
  3. Visit The Seller Dashboard. To Find This Click Your Profile Picture (Top Right) Click “Seller Dashboard” – Click Here

Note: You Must Complete These Steps For Your Store To Be Live. 

  1. Visit Your Seller Dashboard
  2. Click Settings (Left Menu) 
    1. Add Banner Photo
    2. Add Profile Picture
    3. Add Store Name
    4. Add Address, Email, Phone Number, Store About Section.

  1. Visit Your Seller Dashboard
  2. Click Settings Then Shipping
  3. Hover Over US under Zone Name | Click Edit
  • Limit Shipping Zone | Choose The States You Ship To.
  • Shipping Zone | Add Shipping Options

Shipping Zones (Click Add Shipping Zone) 

  • Local Pick (Add This Option To Allow Customers To Pick-Up Orders From Your Store)
    • Usually, This Can Be Left As-Is. You can edit this shipping rate to charge a pick-up fee if needed.
  •  Flat Rate Shipping (Add This Option To Add Shipping Costs)
    • Click Edit Shipping Rate To Add Shipping Costs.
      • You can set one fee – ex: $4.99 (This will charge a customer $4.99 for shipping no matter what’s in their cart)
      • Advanced Shipping Costs Example 1: 2.99+[qty]*2 (This equation says shipping costs will be calculated as $2.99 + (The Quantity * $2.00)
        • Ex: To Ship 1 Product It’ll cost $5.99, To Ship 2 Products it’ll cost $7.99, To Ship 3 Products it’ll cost $9.99, and so on)
      • Advanced Shipping Costs Example 2: 4.99*[qty] (This equation says shipping costs will be calculated as $4.99 * The Quantity.
        • Ex: To Ship 1 Product I’ll Cost $4.99, To Ship 2 Products it’ll cost $9.98, To Ship 3 Products It’ll cost $14.97, and so on) 
    • Free Shipping – (Add This Option To Offer Free Shipping On All Orders)
  • Set-Up Payment Account
  • Withdraw Funds
  • Visit Your Seller Dashboard
  • Click Products (Left Menu)
  • Click “Add New Product” (Top Right) 
  • Add The Following:
    • Featured Images
    • Product Name
    • Category 
    • Tags
    • Short Description 
    • Detail Description 
    • Click “Create Product” 

Edit Product To Add Advanced Product Information.

    • Inventory Management
      • You can track and manage inventory if needed here.
    • Linked Products
      • This is a great way to up-sell other products you sell. 
    • Enable Wholesale Options
      • Offer bulk order discounts. Ex: $3.99ea when you buy 10 or more.
    • Attributes/Variations (S,M,L,XL … Red, Blue, Green…) 
      • Create And Attribute (ex: Color, Size…)
      • Add Attribute Variations (Separate each variation with | ) ex: Small|Medium|Large|X-Large
    • Shipping & Tax
      • By default, the shipping prices will be calculated from your store settings. You can set tax options here.