Top Grilling Tips From The Real Show BBQ! + Smoked Maine Lobster!

Top Grilling Tips From The Real Show BBQ! + Smoked Maine Lobster!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again! Instagram really has some of the best food content out there! ? Just the other morning I was scrolling Instagram and came across Scott Bailey’s post about Smoking Maine Lobsters That he got from The Fisherman’s Net in Gray, Maine! I’ve been a Mainer my whole life and I had NO idea that you could smoke a lobster… Check out the video at the bottom of this story. Download The Chefs Of Maine App To Find The Best Maine Restaurants & Breweries + Read Top Stories Like This! DOWNLOAD HERE

We Asked Scott For His Best Tips For The Best Smoking Experience. These Are His Tips

  • Be sure to clean your grill grates before you begin.
  • Allow the meat to sit outside the refrigerator for some time.
    Never place really cold meat in the smoker.
  • Use Wood Chips, Chunks, BBQ Pellets, and/or Charcoal.
  • Low and slow is great. But don’t be scared to go hot and fast.
  • Add a Water Pan.
  • Make sure that you have a light white smoke before adding the meat to the smoker.
  • Airflow is important.
  • Don’t Wander Off Too Far.
  • Mist Your Food with water, Apple juice, or broth.
  • Don’t Worry If It Gets Dark. That is the bark setting. Which is a great flavor.
  • Fat side down for brisket. Fat side up for a pork butt.

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